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Piano moving isn’t just hard work, it’s a major operation and there is some risk of damage to your piano. If you’re looking for some help with moving your piano in Kansas City, The Piano Moving KC can provide the expert services you need.

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Kansas City Piano Movers

Piano Moving KC has built up an outstanding reputation for over 15 years by providing exceptional piano movers service at a competitive price. We relocate and transport the world’s finest pianos on a daily basis. Piano moving is a complex and specialised service that demands a great deal of human strength, knowledge and dedication, and should never be trusted by an amateur mover, or a just furniture moving company.

Even though sometimes the cost of using a furniture moving company is lower than that of a piano moving company, the damage to the instrument that can result from improper packaging or securing in the truck may be very expensive to repair, if at all fixable.

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15 Years Of Experience

We provide piano moving services in Kansas City and across the USA for over 15 years.

Professional Equipment

Our piano movers use professional packing and moving equipment to ensure the safety of your instrument.

Challenge Accepted

We are able to move a piano in or out any building, no matter steep stairs and tight spaces.

Best Piano Storage

We offer high-quality maintenance and climate-controlled storage in Kansas City at an affordable price.

Piano Moving Service Across USA

We offer piano moving services in Kansas City and beyond.

Free Quotes and Fair Prices

The Truth about Moving a Piano

Even when moved carefully, there is some risk involved with moving a piano. Our experts remove as much of this risk as possible and take steps to ensure that your piano is performance-ready after moving.

When moving a piano, we consider:

  • Interior damage, which affects the interaction of the piano strings.
  • Mechanical damage, notably to piano pedals, which are exposed areas during the move.
  • Damage to the exterior of the piano, particularly the wood finish, can cause significant scarring.

These types of damage are usually inflicted during transport and handling. The best practice for piano owners in Kansas City is to do everything possible to prevent damage, which may be both extensive and expensive to fix.

Our Approach

Our piano movers take every precaution to ensure that a piano is moved safely, with appropriate protection for both interior and exterior protection. We ensure careful handling at all stages of the journey to prevent impacts and abrasions which might damage the piano.

If you’d like to enquire about our piano moving services, our friendly team is happy to answer any enquiries and help you arrange your piano move.

Pianos we have experience moving around Kansas City

Yamaha, Steinway, Bechstein, Baldwin, Blunther, Boston, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Hoffman, Mason & Hamlin, or Kawai, there’s no piano our team can’t handle.

We’re experienced moving every type of piano in short, tri-state and long-distance moves, from 350-pound slim uprights to 1200-pound Grands:

Upright Pianos: Spinet, Console, Studio and Classic Uprights

Horizontal and Grand Pianos: Petite Grand, Baby Grand, Parlour Grand, Semi-Concert/Ballroom and Concert Grand

For a free quote, talk to our Customer Service Team which will provide competitive pricing based on the piano type, weight, transportation distance, the age of instrument and difficulty of delivery i.e. down stairways. Once we’ve finalized your quote, it will be locked in, with no surprises on the day including reassembly time.

Piano Movers Kansas City

Piano Moving KC understands the importance of a cherished piano. Whether you need to transport your upright or baby grand to a church, concert venue or new residence, we’re ready to help. Along with being rather heavy and cumbersome, a piano is delicate and requires special handling to ensure it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when we picked it up.

Our Kansas City piano movers come equipped with specialized training and equipment to relocate any piano safely. Above all else, what separates our piano moving service is our attention to detail. Contact us today to set up your Kansas City piano move!

Piano Moving FAQs

Before you choose to relocate, there are various considerations without which the process is difficult to complete. It’s a very simple statement but has a lot of complexities inside. Various huge devices need to be transported and taken out of the limited space of the house. How would you analyze the cost of moving that huge piano which needs special attention? Does the piano need different equipment to be moved? Can you do it yourself?

As the best Piano movers in Kansas City, we will provide you with an answer to each and every question mentioned here. Starting with the most common doubt, your specific requirements will also be fulfilled by thoroughly going throw each of them.

Why do I need a special mover for my piano?

When you’re moving or need items relocated in a hurry, you don’t have the time or energy to spend all day scheduling logistics. Still, trusting your precious piano to just any mover could result in big damage and heartache. You deserve better treatment than that… and so does your instrument.

Our trucks are specifically designed to move pianos. Our vehicles and equipment are maintained by our own in-house mechanics. Plus, we have climate-controlled warehouses that are security-monitored around the clock. Simply stated, we care about your piano as much as you do. That’s why we’ll always give it the special attention it deserves, to ensure your piano arrives at its destination in the same shape as when it left.

How are Pianos moved?

Pianos are moved in one of two ways. 

The first way, which is commonly used by the general public and a number of household movers, is by brute force.  Manhandle the piano with 4 to 8 people from one location into a vehicle.  If you are lucky someone might have a dolly that can handle the weight safely and hope that someone might remember to consider securing it into the vehicle so it doesn’t crash into things.  Then complete the move by manhandling it off the truck and into its new place at the new location. 

The second way is used by professional piano movers and some household movers.  They use 2 or 3 people to move the piano and are equipped with piano skids, moving pads, ramps, slings and the knowledge of how to move a piano safely.  They use special techniques to manipulate the piano through the move and only require 4 to 6 people in the most difficult moves. The knowledge of how to move a piano safely isn’t learned overnight, it requires a master piano mover to drill in through repetition what to watch out for and when to apply different piano moving techniques.

The first way has an extremely high damage rate and can take 2 to 20 times longer than the second way.  I am personally a professional piano mover.  You can not imagine the number of times people’s jaws hit the floor when they see a professional move a piano after they have attempted it themselves in the past. They almost always say the exact same thing “Never again will I attempt to move my own piano, I will let the professionals handle it from now on”.

Call a professional piano mover today, you do not really need to know the how.  Leave the how to move a piano to the real experts in piano moving!  There are a lot of people and movers that claim they know how to move a piano.  I would recommend spending your time making sure you are getting a real professional piano mover.  Want to make sure the Kansas City Piano Movers are the real deal:  just read our reviews.

I want to move my piano and I would like to know, how to find and choose movers?

To choose your piano mover, ask the right questions: what is their level of experience? How long have they been transporting pianos? Do they have insurance? Moving a piano is a business made up of professionals who have experience, specific techniques and the appropriate equipment and means.

We strongly advise you to choose a company that specializes in piano transportation and anything particularly bulky, fragile or heavy such as safes, dental chairs or marble plates. Piano carriers use specific equipment designed to handle heavy and fragile loads: a trolley, protective covers, lashing straps, wooden platforms (skid), trucks with tie bars solid and equipped with a temperature control system inside the case. Usually, the movers are experienced people, in excellent physical shape, who have been working in teams for many years.

Having the right equipment is not enough; you have to study the technique of piano transport very well because everyone is unique. We must also anticipate the delicate passages, measure, identity, automate and combine the strengths of each mover and make them work in harmony. The job of a well-trained piano mover is to apply 30% physical effort, 40% intellectual work, and 30% to the proper and specific use of the equipment.

Do you have an insurance?

The legislation on the transport of goods obliges transport companies to have insurance. 

What is the maximum amount for which you are insured? We currently offer two types of protection for your effects:

  1. Cargo Insurance, which is insurance coverage for $ 25,000 on cargo;
  2. Additional Insurance: please, talk to your sales representative if you are interested.

All conditions are stipulated in the contract.

Can you store my piano?

We have a secure, climate-controlled storage facility. We store pianos on a long-term and short-term basis. Call for more storage pricing.

What are the Standard Charges?

One of the first questions many people have is about the piano moving cost. As with other services, prices vary depending on many factors unique to each individual situation. It’s important to have a frank discussion with your mover (providing as many details as possible) to get an accurate picture of fee schedules.

Keep in mind that Piano Moving Kansas City is known nationwide for our affordable piano shipping packages tailored to your exact needs and requirements. That means you’re better off teaming with piano moving experts over amateurs that could put your instrument at risk of damage or even total loss.

Does moving the piano affect the sound of my piano?

This is a commonly asked question for which you may hear many different answers.  This question is asked because lots of people say that their piano sounds different in its new location. 

The answer to the question may or may not surprise you.  No, not directly. 

The moving does NOT affect the sound of the piano directly at all.  If it is not the moving then what makes it sound different here versus there? and why does it not hold a tune or does hold tune better here?  The answer lies with the piano technicians and furniture makers.  A piano is made of wood and steel.  Wood is directly affected by two things: “Temperature” and “Humidity”.  Steel is directly affected by temperature.  When these two elements change, so does your piano.  The more these two elements change, the more frequently you need to regulate and tune your piano.  It does not make a big change to change your piano, and you should consult your manufacturer’s website to see what type of environment is best for your piano. 

I will never forget a story from one of our customers for whom we were moving a pre-tuned piano from a piano store to a concert hall on one of the coldest days in winter.  When we delivered his piano it was cold and obviously out of tune due to the temperature outside.  When the piano warmed up again, it came back into tune. 

Another reason why your piano may sound different is due to the size of the room and its acoustics.  Carpet absorbs sound, hardwood reflects sound.  Sound reinforces in small spaces, seeming louder, and gets lost in larger spaces, seeming quieter.

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